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 About Lora

Judge Cubbage was born and raised in Shenandoah, Va (Shenandoah Valley). Being one of five girls made for a very interesting upbringing, not to mention, she is also an identical twin.  Relocating from the mountains of Virginia to Greensboro N.C in 1994 led way to her pursuing a career as a barber.  For 17 years, Judge Cubbage spent many hours behind a barber chair getting to know about the cares and concerns of the citizens of Greensboro, NC. It was there that she realized that she had a higher calling to serve in a space that would allow her  to affect societal change, impact top policymakers and leaders and to affect change around the globe. 

At age 29, Judge Cubbage, being a single mother and longing to do more, not just for herself, but to show her  daughter that she could truly be anything she wanted to be if she set her mind to it and aspired to reach her goals, decided it was time to walk out her destiny. It was at that pivotal point in her life that she applied and was accepted into  North Carolina A&T State University.  Her time at North Carolina A & T was nothing short of amazing.  After graduating from NC A & T, she went on to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law to fulfill her  calling to practice law and serve the citizens of her country. 

Judge Cubbage began her legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in Guilford County, prosecuting cases for the State of NC.  This part of her career helped to shape and mold all that was to come next.  In her experience as an ADA , Judge Cubbage learned that most people just want an opportunity to be heard.  To know that someone cares about their side of the story.  That was victims and defendants alike.  One of the most rewarding experiences of her career has been  practicing in the juvenile drug court as well as the mental health court.  Watching the change take place right before her eyes as each defendant came to each session, knowing that they needed treatment rather than incarceration was truly rewarding.  Judge Cubbage migrated to the Attorney General's Office after 5 years as an ADA.  There she was able to gain experience as a defense attorney for the State of NC.  Judge Cubbage practiced in criminal and civil law where she litigated cases before the Industrial Commission involving Workers' Compensation cases.  Judge Cubbage also practiced appellate law through arguing the civil and criminal cases to the Court of Appeals. 

After 6 years at the Attorney General's Office Judge Cubbage decided she was ready to run for District Court Judge.  Her legal, non legal and life experience gave her the perfect and unique balance needed to become a competent, fair and compassionate Judge.  Judge Cubbage knew that accountability is the key to progress while at the same time ruling with compassion allows people to accept the outcome of any case.  She believed that by allowing litigants to be heard and showing fairness to both sides made many cases not as contentious as they seemed when the litigants first appeared. Judge Cubbage was able to preside in every trial court on the district court level.  That includes criminal, juvenile delinquency, juvenile dependency, neglect and abuse, divorce court, equitable distribution, child support, DWI and traffic court.  

In October 2018, Judge Cubbage was appointed by Governor Roy Cooper to the Superior Court bench. She successfully defended her seat in the November 2018 election.  As a current superior court judge, Judge Cubbage travels to different counties to preside over the highest trial court in the State.  She has had the opportunity to preside over cases from capital murder to felony larceny. Civil cases from the breach of contract to the more complex estate case. Judge Cubbage has been appointed by the NC Supreme Court Chief Justice to preside over 2.1 complex cases as well as to serve on a three judge panel to determine constitutional cases. 

Judge Cubbage now humbly and with great pride comes before every voter of North Carolina asking you to VOTE for her for Court of Appeals.  Judge Cubbage views her judgeship as a position of trust and as an opportunity for service. She is collaborating with community, business, and justice partners to improve the courts wherever possible and is working to help ensure North Carolina courts are open, fair, and welcoming to our citizens and businesses. Judge Cubbage respectfully and humbly ask for your help in ensuring that North Carolina continues to make forward strides by electing her, Lora C. Cubbage to the Court of Appeals during early voting dates of Oct. 15-31 and Nov. 3rd, 2020!!


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